2020 Potato Project Update & Open Letter to Santa

From a food drive in March to the final day of harvest in late Oct., 2020 has been an unusual year for the Cleveland County Potato Project. We didn't know we could conduct a food drive until COVID-19 created a need to feed people affected by the virus. With the help of many volunteers and super markets, we added 2000 plus can of food, 9,000 pounds of potatoes and hundreds of pounds of dry food to the shelves of agencies in Cleveland County.

40,000 pounds of white potatoes arrived from Washington St in early Spring. Donations from the uptown churches and individuals made this possible. Growers in Wash had a surplus due to limited restaurant business. Potatoes were packed in 10 pound bags, filling a refrigerated trailer. This shipment put the potato project over one million pounds of potatoes given to local citizens during the past 11 years. It was a remarkable demonstration of community effort by such diverse groups as the Cleveland County Medical Society, churches, different organization and numerous individuals.

Here in the county, 75,000 pounds of sweet potatoes were grown and given away. We are thankful for land owners, equipment owners, local press, and lots of donors for making this possible. As always, growing a crop of potatoes would not be possible without a large number of volunteers. (Always looking for more of these.)

In normal years, lots of youth groups spend time in the Summer in our county. That did not happen this year. We were forced to hire people to do the work that volunteers normally do. We spent money that usually is spent for plants, fertilizer, etc. Hopefully, 2021 will be different.

To end the year we are doing something a little different. An open letter will be sent to Santa Claus, trying to continue to aid needy people in Cleveland County. Our letter will testify to our good works and maybe ask for a used tractor, new or used truck, sweet potato slip planter, plows, etc.

Or, Santa can help the checking account grow by making a donation to the CCPP. Every $10.00 donation buys one full hour of labor! That type of greenery can be mailed to: CCPP, 107 Quail Hollow Dr. Kings Mtn, NC, 28086. Being a 5013c, this may be tax deductible for Santa.

We have been blessed in so many ways, even in a tough year. So, we give thanks and welcome your support.

Sincerely, Doug Sharp, co-founder, ccpp

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