Start a Project

Starting a Potato Project

Start with a group of people who believe they can make a difference in an issue that faces many people, that is, feeding hungry people. If growing potatoes appeals to you, count on working hard and getting a few people to say “yes, we can do that.”

The nature of growing potatoes is such that just about any group can do it

We have a format that can easily be followed. Needed: land (plentiful in NC and many other states, someone who owns farm equipment, knowledge of farming, donations, a strong leader or leadership team, volunteers, etc. In the potato growing process, ages 10 to 95 have been utilized in our project.

Find some land. You may want to start small. You might begin by planting one hundred pounds of white potatoes, or one hundred plants of sweet potatoes. Secure the services of someone with farming or gardening experience. This will probably be a geezer, maybe retired. Stuff like tractors, plows, etc., are really helpful. Determine how you will dispose of your crop. This is easy. Both white and sweet potatoes require approximately one hundred days from date of planting.

Required Funding

Starting a project requires minimal funding. It will take $500 to $700 for an acre of white potatoes. It takes $600 to $800 for sweet potatoes.


Gain the support of several volunteers. You will have some dropouts as a bad back epidemic will probably strike your supporters. Get up and just do it. We have seen all ages contribute to our potato project. The point is that any congregation and many other groups of people can easily duplicate this project. Anybody desiring a spiritual basis may refer to Jesus' comments regarding feeding the poor. There are several remarks in James.